Maximize Impact

Improving student outcomes through evidence-based solutions and targeted professional learning

Trusted Partners

The Institute for Scaling Evidence-Based Education (ISEBE) is a public-private partnership between University of Oregon’s Center on Teaching and Learning and Catapult Learning. Created to focus on a joint mission of improving student outcomes through evidence-based solutions, ISEBE aims to maximize the reach and impact of best-in-class programming developed at the Center on Teaching and Learning.

Expanding the Impact of Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI)

ECRI is an evidence-based program developed by CTL to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of reading instruction in kindergarten, first and second grade. Rigorous research studies have demonstrated this multi-tiered reading program’s positive impact for at-risk readers.

Nationally Certified ECRI Professional Development Provider

Professional development for interventionists, teachers and leadership planning on implementing ECRI in the classroom has been identified as a key component to success. Through the formation of the Institute for Scaling Evidence-Based Education this integral training platform is now available across the country.